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Conservatives Not Welcome


Emory U. literature professor, and NRO Phi Beta Cons blogger, Mark Bauerlein has a fascinating piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education this week on the way conservative authors are shut out of academia.  Leftist professors sometimes justify their intellectual monopoly on our universities by claiming that, given conservative control of all three branches of government, the left deserves to hold the academy as its citadel. That was always a silly argument. In a nation divided by razor thin political margins, the academy is the only sector (well, movies too) where conservative voices are almost totally shut out. The academy is society’s brain, so to speak. Our best minds ought to be exploring, debating, and discussing the issues that divide us at our colleges and universities. Anything less cheats our students of the opportunity to decide for themselves what they believe. It doesn’t matter how good a discussion leader you are. If you’re preventing your students from considering the finest representatives of conservative viewpoints, you are cheating them.  At any rate, now that the Democrats have taken Congress and conservatives no longer control all three branches, I’m sure all those leftist professors will tenure a bunch of conservative academics and start assigning Burke, Hayek, and Rieff in their classes.


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