Shameless Self-Promotion

by Clifford D. May

Debra England, a San Francisco-based philanthropy expert, has written an op-ed on holiday “charitable giving” in which she names what she judges the best non-profits in America, those most deserving of donor support.  Among them: Sun Valley Adaptive Sports,  the leading organization serving the most severely wounded Service members nationwide, and Operation Blessing Relief & Development , an evangelical Christian organization that was “on the ground in Banda Aceh, Indonesia within 24 hours after the Tsunami hit.”

She also writes about the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, saying:

The high-stakes mission of this exceptionally performance-driven organization is in the name. Their team consists of the most competent and professionally skilled set of professionals I have found in any non-profit. FDD’s broad range of activities includes shutting down transmission of Hezbollah’s TV network across Europe, training women from Afghanistan and Iraq to participate in representative democracy, providing fellowships to study counterterrorism with world-class experts, and supporting the work of Claudia Rosett who exposed the multi-billion dollar UN Oil for Food scandal.

OK, it’s shameless of me to post this, but it’s not about me – it’s about the people assembled at FDD, many of them well known to NRO readers, — e.g. Claudia, Andy McCarthy, Walid Phares, Mario Loyola, Alykhan Velshi — who deserve the credit. My role is that of any modern employer: to underpay them and mistreat them. Which I pledge to continue to do in the New Year! 

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