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Where Is Derb?


Apologies for absence.  Been painting garage.

Interesting experience yesterday.  I was working up on my ladder, a plastic bucket of paint hanging from a rung in front of me.  Unfortunately I had set the ladder at too acute an angle to the ground.  The bottom of the ladder slipped, the ladder slid down until flat on the ground (thereby enveloping an astroid of course).  I too ended up flat on the ground, prone (as opposed to supine), with my face in the wreckage of the paint bucket.  I was wearing one of those disposable painter’s jump-suits from Home Depot, zipped up to the neck; but the force of impact when, in order, paint bucket, ladder, and Derb hit the ground, squirted a good part of the bucket’s contents through the space between jump-suit neck and neck of Derb, ruining a shirt and sweater.  As I said, interesting.  Lotsa bruises but nothing broken, except the darn bucket.

Anyway, This was the last day warm enough to paint outdoors.  So even though I haven’t finished the job, I’m feeling virtuous, if sore, and hoping for a stretch of REALLY COLD weather so I have an excuse not to go out there again for a while.  Now I am sitting here listening to the excellent 96.3 FM, waiting for kids to hit on me for homework help, drinking home-brewed coffee, anticipating dinner.