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Romney and the Tsongas vote


Two different takes.


Why the “Golly” for the fact that Rommney voted for Tsongas? Were you unpleasantly surprised? Please remember that Tsongas can be viewed as the anti-Dukakis.

I’m a Massachusetts Democrat that usually votes Republican in general elections. If Mitt was a registered independent, in MA he could vote in either Democrat or Republican primary. In 1992, if I remember correctly, Bush 41 was running unopposed or significantly ahead by the time of the late MA primary, so there would be no reason to vote in the Republican primary.

If you were voting the Democratic primary, then Tsongas was a god choice.

In fact, I think he was my choice.

Although in all states voters probably engage in some form of game theory when voting, I think it is more common in MA since the state is so vastly controlled by one party. There is no reason for me to register as a Republican since there is never an interesting Republican primary for any office. So I stay registered Democrat and vote for the most conservative Democrat in the primary. Here in MA, independently enrolled voter can vote in either primary, but I don’t think switching gains me any significant benefit.

In conclusion, I think voting for Tsongas was a good choice. From your short post, it appears you feel otherwise.


…Between Gilmore’s jab (at least I didn’t run as a liberal one place and a conservative another), Bob Novak’s “his candidacy may be strangled in the crib”, the Boston Globe piece (which really did shed some doubt on the specifics of the “conversion” in the stem cell lab story) and the lambasting from reliable conservative websites like redstate I think he is on a splippery slope back to the second tier of candidates. Well, maybe he just will never emerge from his 4% in Gallup’s latest poll. The movement conservatives smell a fake and more importantly don’t want to spend the next 6 months listening to all the explanations. They want to beat Hillary and will sell their souls to McCain or Rudy in the end….


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