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Warning Bell


Via AP, here’s Frank Lautenberg complaining about the president’s recess appointment of Warren Bell to  the board of directors of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting: 

“First we saw Ken Tomlinson’s embarrassing tenure as chairman. Now, thepresident is putting Warren Bell, an unqualified nominee that the Senaterefused to consider, on the CPB board,” he said.

Bell’s recess appointment means he will stay on the board through the

congressional session that ends in 2007. 

Someone is going to have to explain to me how a guy who’s worked on a number of successful TV shows and has more of a working knowledge of the world around him is unqualified to sit on the CPB is laughable. But then this comes from the same body that has consistently refused to confirm John Bolton to the U.N., so I shouldn’t waste energy trying to make sense of it.

Perhaps Rick Santorum and Jim Talent should just praise God they get to return to the real world where we work on a logic the Senate will never understand.


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