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The HuffPo is looney tunes.

But Romney can be glad he’s even on their radar as they begin seeing life after Bush Derangement Syndrome. 2007 promises to be INSANE.

UPDATE: Here’s the statehouse story from an informed Romney supporter: Per ridiculous Huffington Post item and from the category of no good deed goes unpunished…. By tradition in Massachusetts, the departing Governor NEVER attends the inaugural swearing-in of his successor.  The two meet in the Governor’s office, exchange some symbols of office, and then the outgoing Governor leaves the building via the front doors for his “long walk” down the steps. At the same time, the incoming Governor is escorted to the House chamber for his swearing in.

Because Deval Patrick wanted to hold an outdoor swearing-in on the front steps, it was not possible to do the “long walk” at the same time. For that reason, Governor Romney magnanimously offered to do the exchange of symbols and the long walk the previous evening in order to accommodate Deval Patrick’s change in the swearing-in. 


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