re: Winning in Iraq

by Clifford D. May

Two key points:

Keane and Kagan say it will require at least 30,000 combat troops and must last 18 months. “Any other option is likely to fail” They say too:

[R]educing the violence in the Sunni and mixed neighborhoods in Baghdad is the most critical military task the U.S. armed forces face anywhere in the world. … The United States faces a dire situation in Iraq because of a history of half-measures. We have always sent “just enough” force to succeed if everything went according to plan. So far nothing has, and there’s no reason to believe that it will. Sound military planning doesn’t work this way.

BTW: I’ll be on Tucker Carson’s show today at 4 PM ET; Pat Buchanan guest-hosting. Ford is the main topic so thanks to all those supplying interesting and useful thoughts on the Corner which I intend to …er… draw upon.

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