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As advertised, John Edwards announced for president this morning in a fairly low-key event in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward.  He was backed up by a group of children wearing “One Corps” T-shirts.  One Corps — the name plays off Edwards’ “Two Americas” theme — is an organization the Edwards campaign founded, in the words of its website, to:

Fight poverty in their local communities; addressing important local needs through community organizing and service projects.

Help elect local, state and federal candidates who support One America ideals, and who are fighting for all Americans.

And, spread the message of One America by writing letters to the editor, calling local radio stations, talking with other members of their communities at events and meetings, and recruiting new members to the One Corps community.

Although the kids at the news conference wore their One Corps shirts, it appears the organization hasn’t gotten too far in New Orleans.  If information on the newly up-and-running Edwards website is correct, there is just one chapter of One Corps in the New Orleans area (it’s located in Metairie), and it has two members.