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“Internet-savvy politicians”


This AP mini-piece stuck me as odd. I’d certain put the guy about to run for president who said this on the list of “most Internet-savvy”:

I do spend a fair amount of time on the Internet. I use e-mail, have a Blackberry with me at all times, and get almost all my news online.

The new media is a great force for the democratization of information. No longer can just a few newspapers or television stations control what information we have access to. The monopoly on news has been broken wide open. I trust the people and the power of ideas to triumph in the free and competitive information market that the new media provides.

Hugh Hewitt points to Romney as the new-media candidate the right needs here : “Romney is setting the standard and this is a crucial precedent for him to set: The GOP must have a standard bearer willing and ready to use the new media environment to push not just his candidacy but the ideas that bind the party together.”


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