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Unproductive Video


Normally, I’d just post a link to the video, but I just love the irony that this is from my Productivity Guy:


It’s been a while since anyone posted a truly awful video at the Corner, and if you’d like to remedy this situation I’ve got just the video. It’s about two-thirds down at the link below, under the post “I Want to Hold Your Hand Over My Eyes” (I don’t know how to isolate the post itself, but you’re more tech savvy than me so I’m sure it can be done)

Mere words can’t describe the awfulness on display. It really has to be seen to be believed, as I believe Corner viewers from around the world would agree (that is, if they were able to see it). This is maybe the only video clip in the world that would be improved if it added William Shatner’s version of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.”

Again, here’s the video in question.