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Parents Don’t Matter, Cont’d


This Derb-bait seems more up his alley since it’s all sciency and stuff:

Your dad is a man whose babies you do not want to bear. It is gross, criminal in many countries, and would be genetically ruinous for your consanguineous offspring.

What’s more, this ancient evolutionary no-no seems to have startling modern day implications for female maturation. A study of 2,000 US college girls published in the American Journal of Human Biology in July 2006 shows that daughters who grow up without their fathers tend to have their first period earlier than those who blossom under their dad’s wing. Robert Matchock, who led the retrospective survey at Pennsylvania State University Altoona, believes there is a mechanism at play here that helps prevent inbreeding.

The psychologist saw an intriguing connection between his results and previous research on human pheromones – odors used in animal communication, often to attract mates. “Biologically related males send out inhibitory pheromone signals, whilst unrelated men release stimulatory ones,” says Matchock. In other words, daddy chemically says: Don’t ripen too fast, bunny; whilst strangers exude: Bring it on!


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