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Ethiopian War Machine


Jim Robbins is a smart guy, and yesterday he had some smart things to say about Ethiopia and Somalia. But I can’t read the news today and keep from wondering whether we should airlift a few Ethiopian battalions into Baghdad. Check this out:

Troops from the Islamic movement that has ruled Somalia’s capital Mogadishu for the past six months abandoned it on Thursday ahead of advancing Ethiopian forces, clearing the way for a unified, secular government to take control of the troubled oceanside city for the first time since 1991.

The collapse of the Islamic Courts Union’s militias, which for much of the year had moved from triumph to triumph across southern Somalia using little more than pickup trucks mounted with machines guns, came just days after Ethiopia turned its powerful, modern military against it. The main offensive, including bombing raids by jet fighters, started Sunday.

By the way, how did Ethiopia go from “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” to a “powerful, modern military”?


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