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…materials.  Nice to get a mention in Gideon’s blog, and even nicer to see that Noah got his 2006 prediction about me wrong:   “14. John Derbyshire will actually read the first novel in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, and discover that he likes it very much. He will speculate aloud in The Corner about whether he is unconsciously trying to get himself fired. Fortunately for his wife and children, he’ll decide he doesn’t like the third book in the series, and is kept on.”   I really should look at the Pullman books, but there are some deterrents.  Mainly that, in spite of having become a nullity faith-wise, I still don’t like dogmatic atheism any more than I ever did, & I understand that’s Pullman’s underlying premise.  As to those speculations:  They are my readers’, not mine.  I’ve always said just exactly what I think, without much reflection, and God bless NRO for letting me do so (albeit with an occasional–VERY occasional–slash of the editrix’s scissors).


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