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Flying Pastors?


From a reader:

So, Jonah, should I (being a pastor/minister/preacher) get together with a bunch of my clergy friends and book a flight to some place in the US, but then hold a little prayer meeting in boarding area of the concourse? Think about it: Just us preachers would gather in a circle, clasp hands & pray loudly for safety on the flight. We could pray that God would keep us, and everyone else on the plain, safe and that He protect us from those who would do us harm, those who might believe they are worshiping Him (by another name?). We could pray that there be no bombs or Islamic terrorists on the plane, etc.

What do you think the TSA’s eventual reaction would be? More sensitivity training for the airport personnel?  I doubt it.

Of course, no Christian preacher, pastor, minister, or priest would, in good conscience, do something like this, as it would be a misuse of prayer, etc.; but it would be telling, I’d imagine.

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