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Hugh Hewitt V. Joe Rago


I haven’t commented on Rago’s piece in the WSJ attacking blogs. I thought it was ill-advised and ill-conceived in many respects because there are obviously many good writers who are bloggers. It’s also true that there are also probably between 50 and 500  bad writers for every good one (that’s true in the print world too, for the most part). Still, that’s enough good bloggers to undercut every one of Rago’s sweeping assertions, as Hugh Hewitt ably demonstrates.  As I’ve long said about the internet, I think it is such a big and diverse phenomenon that it is almost impossible to make sweeping declarative statements about it. All criticisms are  to some extent true about the internet — and bloggers — as are to some extent all the rebuttals to those criticisms. It is a den of smut, idiocy and narcissism. It is also a forum for high-minded discussion and debate. It is a pit of navel-gazing and it’s a medium for breaking news. One can complain that the ratios between good and bad are undesirable, but one can’t say it’s all one or the other. The same goes for blogging.


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