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Romney on the Record


Human Events asks him about Iraq, gay marriage, health care, etc. Here’s the exchange on abortion:

Now on domestic issues, in a recent interview with National Review Online, you addressed concerns that conservatives have raised about your previous views on abortion. I’m wondering, why should conservatives believe you when you say you’re now pro-life despite some previous statements you’ve made on that subject?

Conservatives, of course, can make their own assessment. But the great thing is people don’t have to look at what people say, they can look at what they do.

When I was running for office 12 years ago, there were a number of things that I said and felt at that time that, with the benefit of experience, I have a different view today. One of those is abortion.

As governor, I’ve had several pieces of legislation reach my desk, which would have expanded abortion rights in Massachusetts. Each of those I vetoed. Every action I’ve taken as the governor that relates to the sanctity of human life, I have stood on the side of life.

So talk is cheap, but action is real. And people can now look at my record.