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PAUL REYNOLDS: Saddam Hussein brought little but war and suffering to a people who should have been among the most prosperous in the Middle East BBC

NEIL MACFARQUHAR: The hanging of Saddam Hussein ended the life of one of the most brutal tyrants in recent history. New York Times

MICHAEL HASTINGS: “I saw fear, he was afraid.” Newsweek

GEORGE W. BUSH: Saddam Hussein was executed after receiving a fair trial — the kind of justice he denied the victims of his brutal regime.

EDITORS: Ding dong, the Butcher’s dead. New York Post

MOLLY HENNESSY-FISKE AND SOLOMON MOORE: The deposed tyrant declines to wear a hood and shows no remorse in the death chamber. Violent reprisals by Sunnis are expected. Los Angeles Times

STEVE PARDO: Many Iraqi-Americans in Dearborn draped themselves in flags and danced in the streets to celebrate Saddam’s hanging. Detroit News

RALPH PETERS: The murderer responsible for 1 1/2 million corpses is just a bag of bones. New York Post

NAJMALDIN KARIM: It is a great shame that Saddam Hussein will not be held accountable for all of his crimes, and a far greater tragedy that he was allowed, sometimes with American complicity, to commit them in the first place. New York Times

ROBERT D. KAPLAN: Gerald Ford was a dignified ex-president. Atlantic Online

EDWARD KENNEDY: We need to do much more to help Iraqi refugees, especially those who have helped our troops. Washington Post

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Now is not the time for America to give in by offering direct talks with Mr. Ahmadinejad. Washington Times


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