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Saddam’s Death


I’m just being honest here, but I’m curiously unmoved by the whole thing. I think he absolutely deserved to die, many times over. Though, I’m with Andy when it comes to the media coverage. I find it entirely un-compelling. I should also add that I think the arguments against killing him so soon were fairly persuasive on a lot of points: The trial was a bit of a joke, there are greater crimes he should have been held accountable for, etc. But, if as some voices suggest, this will bring closure or close a book on the past or any of the other cliches swirling around, maybe it was better that he be killed quickly. My real hope is that my ambivalence to the whole thing is a sign that it really matters a lot. My instincts have been so wrong about so much in Iraq, perhaps the fact that this doesn’t feel important to me means that it is? Call it reverse wishful thinking.


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