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Gary Rosen has an  interesting review of Charles Fried’s new book. Since I’m still getting grief about my “positive liberty libertarians” stuff I thought this passage might be of interest:

More interesting, because less predictable, is Fried’s discussion of property. In echoes of Rawls, the great philosophical advocate of welfare-style redistribution, he concedes that many people, for reasons largely beyond their control, lack the most basic material resources. “Humiliated” and “dependent,” they deserve public support, Fried believes, in the name of their unrealized individuality. In what qualifies as heresy at libertarian redoubts like the Cato Institute, Fried also insists that taxation and regulation are not “an insult to liberty on a level with thought control and invasion of the bedroom.” Indeed, because property stands apart from the sanctum of our bodies and minds, its preservation in any particular form, he argues, does not rise to the level of a “natural right.”


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