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The early days of a new year can, you know, be a little drab, so, for those wanting a laugh, here’s a list (in PDF format, I fear) of the British Conservative Party’s list of ‘Environmental Heroes and Zeros for 2006’. Amongst the heroes, Al Gore (yup), junk Nostradamus Sir Nicholas Stern, and the wastrel better known as Prince Charles. Amongst the zeros, Exxon Mobil, for daring to fund think-tanks that dissent from the orthodoxy over global warming, and Bayer AG for, among other ‘offenses,’ lobbying against the EU’s ignorant and potentially ruinous REACH directive.

Now, the Cameron strategy is said to be to put a smiley (in other words a sort-of-lefty) face on the Tories in order to take them to electoral victory (to be fair, they are ahead in the polls, although not as far ahead as they should be given the contempt in which the Blair government is generally held in the UK), and there’s some cynical logic to that, but much more of this sort of nonsense and I’ll start believing that they actually mean some of what they say, in which case any decision to vote for them becomes, let’s put it gently, highly problematic.

Read the whole thing and you’ll see what I’m getting at.