Political Man, RIP

by Jonah Goldberg

I cannot believe I didn’t hear until this morning that Marty Lipset passed away on Monday. Seymour Martin Lipset was one of the giants of social science, an old-school neocon when the word had meaning (he was one of the original Alcove 1 guys). Marty Lipset knew more about intellectual history and social science then any ten learned men. He was prolific to the point of near-parody (he wrote  or edited some fifty books and probably wrote thousands of articles). I knew Marty a little bit, dealing with him fairly often at AEI or when I was a TV producer. He had a great mind to pick. Though that’s a bit like saying Mt. Everest is a great place to look for rocks and snow. He was a decent, kind, old Jewish guy — and very, very, tall and hefty, making him a little intimidating from a distance. He deeply loved America and dedicated much of his life to trying to figure out what made it so uniquely lovable. We won’t see another like Marty Lipset again. Rest in Peace. 

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