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That Giuliani Memo


Obviously its release was an embarrassment to the Giuliani camp. It was embarrassing both because several of the moneymen Giuliani was courting have gone with McCain, and because the head of a security-consulting firm couldn’t keep his documents secure. But the thing that strikes me, from reading the newspaper accounts of the memo, is how unprepared for 2008 Giuliani seems. The memo asks, for example, whether anyone has talked to the candidate about the problem Donna Hanover poses for his candidacy. You’d think that wouldn’t be a question at this point. And the memo notes that Giuliani’s disagreements with social conservatives are an obstacle to his winning the Republican presidential nomination, without, so far as any of the reporting has suggested, offering much in the way of advice about what to do about it.

That last thing seems to me almost shocking. Maybe Giuliani should take the advice supporters such as Deroy Murdock have given, and move right on some of those social issues. Or maybe he should court some social-conservative figures, or signal his sympathy for their concerns. But you would expect him to have a strategy.

All that said, most of the other candidates on the Republican side seem under-prepared as well, the great exception being John McCain.


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