Re: Making Liberals

by Jonah Goldberg

From a reader:

Apropos your 1:35 pm post – I, too, am interested in the idea of Democrats’ first principals.  Did you happen to catch the GQ article, written by Ryan Lizza, about Rahm Emanuel (see here)?  Lizza refers to Emanuel as a “moderate” as opposed to those old liberals like Rangel, et al.  But what struck me about the article is that I still have no idea what Emanuel believes in other than that Republicans are bad (but he uses much more colorful language – language that I have been known to use a time or thousand) and must be defeated. Now, if Emanuel is a “moderate”, I bet that he could actually do some good work with Republicans.  But, since he is really all about obtaining power and smoking Republicans, he cannot build a lasting legacy.  To me, it all seems so ephemeral. Any thoughts?

 Me: I haven’t read it, but that’s not a comment on Lizza (a very good reporter). I haven’t read GQ in roughly twenty years, and I don’t think I’ve ever opened more than a handful of issues. I know that’s shocking considering my reputation as the Beau Brummel of reclusive rightwing pundits. Again, no reflection on Lizza, but given the reader’s description of the piece, I see no reason to break my streak now in order to discover that Rahm Emanuel doesn’t like Republicans and is a “moderate” according to Lizza. Moreover, I can’t risk finding out the Kleenex boxes on my feet have gone out of style. 

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