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Best of the Borg & Starship Troopers


Networked exoskeletons for our troops?

Update: From a reader:


Our Navy is the unchallenged master of any sea.  Our Air Force defines air supremacy — it’s suicide to take to the skies they own.  But the American infantryman (and our Marines in this role) are as vulnerable as soldiers have always been.  Armored exoskeletons and helmets with enhanced sensors and communications are crucial to giving our soldiers ‘street supremacy’ — the ability to walk into any battlefield or urban area and own it — simply because no one would dare challenge them.

I’m one of those fools who believe that, by any historical standard, we are winning in Iraq.  But the vulnerability of our combat forces there to low-tech but deadly weapons — from the AK-47 to the IED — reveals on of the few remaining ways in which our armed forces are no different than any other country’s.

Basically, we need Stormtroopers and we need them now.  And not the crappy ones from IV-V-VI.  We need some of those Bad-ass Clone Troopers — without the cloning part, because that would be wrong. 


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