Count Me A Yawner

by Jonah Goldberg

Now, according to an old stereotype of conservative men, I should be grumping and grousing about a woman as Speaker of the House. According to the Pelosi crowd, all right thinking people should be giddy about how wonderful it is that a woman is Speaker of the House. But what if you just don’t care? Or at least not very much? I do think it’s a net good, a nice thing, that the <shudder> “marble ceiling” has been broken. But, I just can’t bring myself to feel like it’s a big deal. And, frankly, I think the weird people are the ones who do. At least if they’re younger than forty.

This is obviously a huge victory for the women’s movement, but the nature of such things is that such victories are bittersweet because when victory arrives, younger people just take it for granted. That’s the rub of social revolutions. The successful ones eventually don’t seem so revolutionary. So you have these older feminist types — and a few young diehards –  clicking their heels, and most everyone else yawning.  Count me a yawner.

I am still far, far, more moved by the majesty and grace of our political system that allows for the peaceful transfer of power. Of course, that too no longer seems so revolutionary. Which is a sign of our first revolution’s success.  

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