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Re: Iran and Syria


This letter from a reader pretty much sums up the reaction I’m getting:

My bet is that it’s Bush threatening to authorize hot pursuits over the border and Cambodian-style incursions, along with air strikes, to destroy the enemy’s sanctuaries. If so, finally we’re getting down to fight a better war. The 1970 Cambodian Incursion virtually wiped away any chance of a Viet Cong come back, and set the North Vietnamese Army back for two years. Knock out the sanctuaries across the borders, and the terrorists in Anbar and Baghdad, without any help from Iran and Syria, would then be forced to fight their last stands against great pressure from U.S./Iraqi forces. If such action does occur, I’d look for an incursion into Syria to destroy sanctuaries there, either by air or by land, and a stepped up interdiction effort at the Iraq/Iran border. And if Bush decides to hit Iran and their nuclear weapons program this year, then the sanctuaries in Iran would be taken out at the same time. I think it’s very interesting that such a quote like that in the speech was explicit. It’s not double-talk or anything; it plainly means what it means: Bush’s finally playing hardball.

Just something for the Cornerites to chew on.


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