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How Do You Repay A Hero’s Sacrifice? Three years ago, a fellow Marine gave his life to save Kelly Miller. It has been a hard road since.


This was an incredible story (behind a wall) about one of the Marines saved by Dunham from last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, absolutely heart-rending. Here’s the beginning:

EUREKA, Calif. — Kelly Miller has the dream once or twice a week.

He’s on patrol in Iraq, searching a white Toyota Land Cruiser. The driver lunges out and grabs Cpl. Miller’s squad leader, Jason Dunham, around the neck. The Iraqi and Cpl. Dunham tumble to the ground in a ferocious hand-to-hand struggle. Cpl. Miller beats the insurgent with a police baton. Another Marine races over to help. The Iraqi drops a hand grenade.

The force of the explosion lifts Cpl. Dunham into the air, his back arching before he falls back toward the brown-dirt road.

Cpl. Miller wakes up.

Almost three years have passed since that grenade exploded for real. But the images are never far from his mind — the insurgent, the explosion and the friend who intentionally took the brunt of a live grenade and gave his own life to save Cpl. Miller’s. The adrenalin of combat, the pain of hot shrapnel, the guilt of making it home alive…


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