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all your nri conference questions answered! (plus a stray mcgwire comment)



Subject: NRI Conference

 And you’re going to feed us too! It’s a steal since you can’t get that many meals for $225 anywhere in DC 

Subject: NRI Conference 

Rich,  Will C-Span be covering any of the presentations? 

Subject: Re: McGwire–Laser Surgery and Steroids Not The Same 

Laser eye surgery and steroids cannot be put in the same category.   It is generally agreed that “natural” human vision is 20/20.  Laser  surgery is an attempt to correct one’s vision to a “natural” state.   The effects of steroids and amphetamines are clearly not “natural.” 

Looking forward to NRI shindig in two weeks–what is the mode of dress?

ME: 1) Yes, NRI is feeding you breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday; 2) Not sure about C-SPAN, although I imagine they’ll probably cover some of it. Only way to see it all though is to sign up and join us!; 3) Dress is business casual.

You can sign up here.


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