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Little Mosque on the Prairie



Re: that DC Examiner item that Mark Krikorian linked to and which discusses my observation (apropos a new Canadian sitcom) that “Muslim is the new gay”: I don’t know what’s more disheartening – the fact that the reporter didn’t get that my “That’s off-the-record” was parodic and immediately followed by “because I want a sporting chance of getting home alive”; or that the dreary grandee at the Brookings Institution issued the predictable denunciation that my remarks were “inappropriate”. “Muslim is the new gay” is a compliment: it means they get the best lines. I flesh out the idea a bit in the current issue of The Western Standard:

I wonder if in practice the joke won’t – nine times out of ten – be on the “irrational” fears and woeful ignorance of the white-bread hicks while the Muslims are droll and amusing about the deplorably provincial prejudices. In other words, if the mullahs will forgive me, Muslim is the new gay. A decade or so back, sitcoms began introducing gay characters who get all the sharpest wittiest lines. They’re curiously desexed gays (butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, never mind anywhere else), just as these will, I’d wager, prove to be curiously deIslamized Muslims. But the intended impact is the same: to make Islam something only uptight squares fret about.

That it’s increasingly difficult to tell the difference between a compliment and a beheading offence does not, I fear, bode well for our multiculti utopia.