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re: Free the Border Patrol 2


Several readers directed me toward a dissection of the case by Patterico , who gives the prosecution more benefit of the doubt than I would. Also, see pp. 41-50 of this pdf of congressional testimony from last year by Andy Ramirez, head of Friends of the Border Patrol, which includes details the US Attorney’s recent CYA press release doesn’t include. And “the jury has spoken” assertion, which a Republican congressman I respect made to me this week, is somewhat mitigated by the fact that three of the jurors subsequently said they were coerced into voting for a conviction — they may be idiots for believing that a hung jury was not permitted, but they clearly didn’t buy the prosecution’s case.

And John: A reporter who covered the trial confirms to me that not only did the prosecutor say something to the effect that the two agents “turned on one of your own people,” i.e. Mexicans (even though, of course, they’re not Mexicans but Americans of Mexican descent), but she said the same thing to the reporter during a phone interview. The reporter tells me that US Attorney’s office has been delaying the release of the transcripts, but that they’re supposed to be ready next week.


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