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Re: The Exaltation of Nationalism over Humanism...


As to the death of Hrant Dink, the newspaper editor in Turkey, that Mario linked to – murdering Armenians isn’t anything new for Turkey, of course. But what’s notable is that while he obviously opposed Turkey’s chauvinistic laws prohibiting “insults against Turkish identity,” he also spoke out against France’s absurd law criminalizing denial of the Armenian Genocide. This is what he had to say in a recent interview:

“I have been tried in Turkey for saying the Armenian genocide exists, and I have talked about how wrong this is. But at the same time, I cannot accept that in France you could possibly now be tried for denying the Armenian genocide. If this bill becomes law, I will be among the first to head for France and break the law. Then we can watch both the Turkish Republic and the French government race against each other to condemn me.”

You can see how a guy like that might not last long in the Middle East, which Turkey most assuredly is part of.


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