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Eileen Democrat



Jonah, I think this may be a medical first: are Joe and Eileen Bailey Senator Schumer’s real imaginary friends and Joe and Eileen O’Reilly the imaginary imaginary friends? Or is it vice-versa?

To be honest, Joe Bailey sounds worthy but dull – hardworking bluecollar Democrat who’d like government to do a little more for him. An imaginary friend in need is an imaginary friend indeed, but even so… Whereas Joe O’Reilly is a more raffish character, a registered independent who likes to amble into the convenience store and sneek a peak at the porn mags on the top shelf. I hardly like to judge a man by the imaginary company he keeps but I would imagine at the end of a hard week in the Senate Chuck Schumer would rather put his feet up with Joe O’Reilly than with Joe Bailey.

Of course, the real downer is when John Kerry brings over his imaginary friend Spurgeon Monteagle“Joe” O. Bailey-Reilly III, the son of the US Ambassador to Liechtenstein, who imaginarily roomed with him at his Swiss finishing school. It’s hard to discuss Eileen’s prescription drug needs whenSenator Kerry’s hitting on Joe’s imaginary wife Eileen “Bunty” Heinz Rockefeller Carnegie DuPont. Gates Saud Bailey-Reilly