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Klingon in the Rain


Kathryn, I don’t know about arguing in Klingon at the NRI summit but we will be arguing. I’ve received a few e-mails from disaffected conservatives suggesting it’ll be just the usual neocon Bush shills chanting in unison. Au contraire, we’re celebrating so much diversity there may be blood on the floor. Look at the line-up. It’s a cage fight of non-stop drag-‘em-out action you won’t see anywhere else this side of All-Girl Mud Wrestling Night at Bud’s Roadhouse on Route 113 (every Thursday, 8pm; arrive early for good seats):

Ralph Reed and Ryan Sager on theocons vs libertarians, Marvin Olaskey and Pat Toomey on compassionate conservatism vs small government, Tamar Jacoby and Mark Krikorian on open borders vs immigration enforcement, Jonah Goldberg and Mark Steyn on…

Er, well, we’ll try to get into the spirit. “Star Trek” vs showtunes? I’m antipathetic to the former, he loathes the latter. If that’s not an excuse to punch his lights out, what is? Like the pathetic RINO squish he is, Rob Long will try to strike a sensible centrist compromise by singing “I’m Just A Girl Who Cain’t Say No” in Klingon.

These are the critical issues that will shape the America of the 21st century, folks. Dont miss it!


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