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Some Good SOTU Stuff on Immigrant Assimilation


5. We Must Promote Assimilation Into Our Society By Teaching New Immigrants English And American Values

Those Who Swear The Oath Of Citizenship Are Doing More Than Completing A Legal Process – They Are Making A Lifelong Pledge To Support The Values And The Laws Of America.  Americans are bound together by our shared ideals, our history, and the ability to speak and write the English language.  Every new citizen has an obligation to learn the English language and the customs and values that define our Nation, including liberty and civic responsibility, appreciation for our history, tolerance for others, and equality. When immigrants assimilate, they advance in our society, realize their dreams, and add to the unity of America.

New Citizens Need Guidance To Succeed.  The Office of Citizenship is creating new guides for immigrants and introducing a new pilot civics examination designed to foster a deeper understanding of civic virtues and the founding ideals.  The President’s Task Force on New Americans is fostering volunteerism through and exploring partnerships with local organizations.  Public libraries and faith-based and community groups will be encouraged to offer English language and civics instruction to immigrants who are seeking to make America their home.



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