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Bush’s Health Plan


The Democrats say it’s “dead on arrival,” which is too bad, as is the fact that the president didn’t propose it two years ago. But it has some value nonetheless. It’s a plan that would reduce the number of people without insurance, without raising taxes overall–indeed, while cutting taxes for a lot of people. I don’t think Pete Stark will be able to come up with a similarly attractive package.

The White House, and supporters of the plan, could make two mistakes here. The first would be to deny that the plan raises taxes on anybody. Of course it does, on some people (although it also provides those people with more choices). The second would be to treat the plan as a tax increase overall–as some of its mischievous liberal supporters, and even some of its conservative supporters, have. It isn’t one, and Grover Norquist wouldn’t have endorsed it if it were.


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