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Lucy in the Bon-Bon Factory


Michelle Malkin’s column that’s linked in the NRO Web Briefing today makes the under-stressed point that we simply don’t have the administrative capacity to manage the guestworker-amnesty that the president hawked again last night. Even the Washington Post recognizes this, if this headline from earlier this month is any indication: “Immigrant Processors Fall Behind: System Overwhelmed Even Without ‘Amnesty,’ Guest Workers.”

The inevitable result of any “comprehensive” bill would be bureaucratic meltdown and fraud on a scale unseen in American history. To underline the practical challenges of any amnesty for the overwhelmed immigration bureaucracy, here’s a flow chart (in pdf) of the stupefyingly complex legalization provisions of the Hagel-Martinez amnesty bill passed by the Senate last year.

For those too young to get the allusion in the title of this posting, this video will show you how immigration processing works.


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