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Re: World’s Smartest City


Derb, I’m with you on New Orleans – welfare swamp enlivened by occasional transsexual hookers – but that list of the world’s “smartest cities” is extremely odd.

Dundee? That’s such a wasteland of socialist brutalist architecture they used it as a stand-in for post-Stalinist Moscow in An Englishman Abroad, the film about Brit traitor Guy Burgess. It’s Scotland’s poorest city, with a bloated public sector and (according to various surveys) the most abortions in Scotland, the worst child poverty in the United Kingdom, the highest rate of unwed teen pregnancy in western Europe, an extremely low-level of home ownership, and a declining population – which suggests that the smart guys in Dundee are the ones who take the first bus out.

Ottawa-Gatineau? A company town where the company is Big Government, and its attendant corruptions.

Issy-les-Moulineaux? Better employment opportunities than Dundee, if you don’t mind living in a burg that sounds like it was second-placed in an Invent-A-Camp-Sounding-French-Town competition.

In fact, looking at the list, the only wonder is that New Orleans didn’t win. Or the Lake Chad municipal water department.


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