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K-Lo, Would You Start Circulating that Petition?


Dear K-Lo,

Sorry I’m unable to be with you in Washington this weekend. (As you know, I had to be in Washington last week, and, after a certain number of days, Mrs. R. puts her foot down. While you’re tending to the conservative movement, I’ll be driving our sundry children back and forth from the St. Simon’s basketball tournament in Los Altos, California.) But I’m with you in spirit–and, between grade school basketball games, reading your posts with the keenest of interest.

Which brings me to a fascinating development. When I waxed enthusiastic about Jeb Bush on this happy Corner not quite a week ago, you, my dear K-Lo, responded with something less than overwhelming enthusiasm. I detect a different tone altogether in your posts, below, about the former governor’s performance at the Conservative Summit.

Admit it, fair Katherine. To hear the man speak of his convictions–to consider his thoroughly conservative record for eight years as governor of the fourth most populous state–all this is to find oneself wishing that Jeb would run, is it not?

While St. Raymond’s is playing St. Greg’s, you’ll start circulating that “Draft Jeb” petition, right?


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