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The Crucible in Boston


I think the Boston authorities should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.  They mistook obvious toys for bombs and sent the entire city into a paroxysm of war-on-terror paranoia.  And now they’re taking out their frustrations by lynching two quasi-hippies who quite are quite rightly mocking them and everyone else who thinks they did something wrong. 

Reports that those guys held back from explaining the provenance of the gadgets are serious if they knowingly held back for any significant length of time.  But the main point is that by the time they figured out that it was all their fault, the authorities had already caused a city-wide panic over funny-looking gadgets that look exactly nothing like a bomb.

Whether those guys did anything to apologize for, the Boston authorities should apologize for turning the United States into a planetary laughing-stock.  The European press is going to have a field day with this.  Normally world opinion can cook in its own stew as far as I’m concerned, but I’m  going to be traveling abroad soon and I really hope I don’t have to answer questions about this incredibly embarrassing incident. 


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