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Chipping Sodbury


Derb, I hardly ever get nostalgic for poor lost England, but that list of Midlands villages brought a tear to my eye. You left off Aston Cantlow, where John Shakespeare married Mary Arden in the parish church and I had a less memorable romantic interlude in the snug of the King’s Head. (I mean “less historic”. It was certainly very memorable for me.)

I prefer Nether Wallop to Nether Heyford, and Preston Bagot to Preston Capes. Preston Bagot would make a great name for a new get-tough Deputy Secretary of State, don’t you think? The trouble with Nicholas Burns is that he sounds like a New Labour junior minister.

Warwickshire-wise, I’m also very partial to Haseley Knob, though that sounds more like a jelly-spined ambassador to the UN.


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