Go Catholic!

by Michael Potemra

I had the opportunity on Friday to visit my alma mater, the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. (I graduated in 1985, exactly halfway between Maureen Dowd and Kathryn Lopez.) In some ways the campus had not changed much: The first bumper sticker I saw there proclaimed “Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Republican.” But some things <I>have</I> changed: The first person I met there on Friday was a very beautiful petite blonde in an Army uniform, who explained in response to my question that she was a CUA student doing ROTC at Georgetown. Now, for all I know there were ROTC possibilities for students at Catholic back when I was there; but bright-eyed, enthusiastic young people in military uniforms were not, shall we say, an everyday campus sight. Good for her for serving our country. And here’s another sign that being conservative is more acceptable at CUA now: A saleslady I talked to at the theology-oriented Newman Bookstore there declared herself a great admirer of . . . none other than former NRer Rod Dreher. (I, of course, then volunteered that I was a personal friend of the Great Man himself; which got me some points, but, unfortunately, no discount.)

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