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Even more ridiculous


was this bit from the New York Times essay on the SuperBowl commercials.

Then, too, there was the unfortunate homonym at the heart of a commercial from Prudential Financial, titled “What Can a Rock Do?”

The problem with the spot, created internally at Prudential, was that whenever the announcer said, “a rock” — invoking the Prudential logo, the rock of Gibraltar — it sounded as if he were saying, yes, “Iraq.”

    A trifle obsessed and neurotic? Yes, but it accurately reflects the spirit of the 43rd St newsroom. 

      While we’re on the subject of the commercials though, I’ll volunteer that this was the first SuperBowl I’ve watched from beginning to end — not to see what all the fuss was about — but to see the fuss itself. The commercials, which I understand go for a about a billion dollars for a 30 second spot, were just dreadful. Didn’t crack a smile. For those who want an example of what Madison Avenue is capable of, click here.


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