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He May Be a Jihadist S.O.B, but He’s Our Jihadist S.O.B.


From Caroline Glick’s column today on “The Waning Of American Will”:

Last week, under pressure from US Ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger, Kenyan authorities released from prison Sheikh Sharif Ahmad, one of the leaders of the ousted al-Qaida-linked Islamic Courts Union (ICU) in Somalia.

Is this true? And, if so, what’s going on?

The State Department is said to favor the participation of “moderate” jihadists in a government of “national reconciliation”. I recall Colin Powell on TV a few days after 9/11 talking about “moderate” elements in the Taliban. This was at the time when President Bush was still talking about “evildoers” and one could justify the outreach to “moderate evildoers” as part of a good cop/bad cop routine. But the bad-cop end seems to have all but disappeared. And, given that Bill Clinton’s “New Democrats” are all but extinct and “New Labour” will die with Tony Blair’s premiership, it seems unlikely that New Taliban or New Islamic Courts Union will prove any more viable.

So what’s with the jihadist outreach in the Horn of Africa? For our first business-school presidency, the Administration sometimes feels like a corporation whose CEO announces that all products will henceforth ship by express mail within 24 hours and whose mailroom cheerfully carries on sending them out by third-class mail two weeks late.


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