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“This is not England. This is Saudi Arabia.”


Speaking of “people you doom”:

The principal of an Islamic school has admitted that it uses textbooks which describe Jews as “apes” and Christians as “pigs” and has refused to withdraw them.

Jeddah? Don’t be silly. It’s the King Fahd Academy in West London – though, as the school puts it, “This is not England. This is Saudi Arabia.”

Nothing to see here, folks. After all, as the textbooks of the Saudi Islamic Academy teach:

“Oh Muslim, oh servant of God, here is a Jew hiding behind me. Come here and kill him.”

Islamabad? No, Falls Church, Virginia. That was the school, incidentally, that produced Mr Abu Ali, a young man charged with plotting to assassinate the President, or as The New York Times put it:

Mr. Ali, 23, described in recent news reports as a Houston-born American citizen and the valedictorian of his high school class in suburban Virginia…

The headline in The Detroit Free Press read: “Valedictorian Suspect In Plot On Bush’s Life”. Did they arrest him midway through his star turn in Bye Bye Birdie?

Five years after 9/11, we still allow the enemy’s ideological enforcers to brainwash and hollow out western Muslim communities for their own ends.

To reprise yesterday’s line: If those are the rules, we’ll lose.