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Trollope Fan Speaks


From a reader:

I am so happy to see my favorite writer get even a little mention!
Too slow. How ridiculous.
What could be healthier for today’s overstressed exec than to sit down with a Trollope novel and a glass of sherry, and take a lovely slow walk through his sunny gardens…. (paraphrase from G.Eliot’s description of his books). Too many novelists are so caught up in ‘making things happen’ that they forget the most important part – the human part – the experiences, feelings and thoughts of the characters they’ve created. Too often, this total plot-focus results in absurd situations. Not so in Trollope. He knows his people, and the things that might happen, and just how they would react….His discerning eye sees the problems of his society so clearly that I don’t see how anyone who reads him could ever think that ‘things were simpler then.’


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