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re: Qods in Iraq


Andy McCarthy is my Valentine! In fact there is so much evidence of the Iranian terror campaign in Iraq that one does not know where to begin. If the White House Press Corps actually did some work instead of trying to torture the president, they’d find that their own publications have produced reams of information documenting the matter (and I’m not talking about Senator Levin’s talking points). On the other hand, the president’s response–no, I don’t know if the Qods Force leaders actually got orders from Ahmadi-Nezhad, I’m just trying to protect our guys in Iraq–should have been a lot better. He might have said, well, we arrested the operations chief of Qods in Irbil. He reports directly to Supreme Leader Khamenei. Would you just shrug your shoulders and say there’s no evidence of regime involvement? Would you think I was fulfilling my obligations if I shrugged my shoulders? Can we get real here gentlemen and gentle ladies?


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