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Re: It’s Not All About Us


Mark Steyn: Dinesh….speaks in praise of “traditional Islam” and notes that most of the world’s people also live in “traditional societies” who are as revolted by our pop culture as your average imam. But how then do you account for the very problematic relationship “traditional Islam” has with other “traditional societies”? In Nigeria, in Sudan, in southern Thailand, etc.

Me: No need to stop with present-day Nigera, Sudan, or southern Thailand—or even with nineteenth-century India. There is also the matter of the seventeenth-century siege of Vienna—or, for that matter, of the eighth-century invasion of the Iberian peninsula. Did the Ottomans march on Vienna in 1683 because they believed the Hapsburgs were promoting gay marriage? Did the Moors overwhelm the kindgoms of Iberia to prevent Visigothic culture from corrupting the morals of Berber youth? Dinesh makes some good and useful points, just as Stanley argues. I’d even insist that he displays real courage in doing so. But that hole smack in the middle of his argument—that hole just sits there.


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