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The Republic, Still Young


Mark Steyn notes below that President Calvin Coolidge’s son John owned the cheese factory in Plymouth Notch, the Vermont village in which Calvin Coolidge grew up, as recently as 1998. Mark’s note put me in mind of another presidential descendant with an interesting piece of property: As a reader of this Corner pointed out in an email to me yesterday, Harrison Tyler, grandson of President John Tyler, still owns and inhabits President Tyler’s Virginia home, Sherwood Forest Plantation.

Take a moment or two to absorb that. John Tyler, our tenth chief executive, was born in 1790, when George Washington still had nine years to live, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, 36 years each. The Tyler who now lives in the family home is neither President Tyler’s great-great grandson nor his great-grandson but his grandson. In the person of Harrison Tyler, in other words, we Americans are still only a couple of generations removed from the men who founded this Republic.


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