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Eberstadt on the North Korea Deal


AEI resident polymath Nicholas Eberstadt, one of our generation’s most clairvoyant thinkers on national security issues (among other things) has this take on the North Korea deal of a few weeks ago. 

On its face the North Korea deal is bad because it the U.S. caves on critical demands while the North Koreans agree only to meager temporary concessions.  But, as Eberstadt writes:

As distasteful as the prima-facie terms of the Feb. 13 agreement may appear, their second-order consequences are yet more baleful. If one leg of North Korea’s strategy in the six-party talks has been to assure its own permanent possession of nuclear weapons, the other has been to drive a wedge between Washington and its alliance partners in Seoul and Tokyo. For Pyongyang, this agreement promises to succeed in both of these ends.

Eberstadt goes on to describe both the troubles on the horizon for our Pacific Rim alliances, and potential solutions for U.S. policy.  More here