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Giuliani and Taxpayer-Funded Abortion


The other day Kathryn reported that Bill Simon says that he has received “assurances” that Giuliani supports the Hyde amendment, which bars federal funding for abortion in the vast majority of cases. Following a link Kathryn posted this morning, here’s the Giuliani campaign’s clarification in The Hotline:

“It’s not a change of position. The Hyde Amendment is a current law and, as such, he respects it.”

The Hotline adds, “So: Giuliani would not work to change it — he doesn’t neccessarily support it — but his agenda for governing does not include any changes to the law as it’s currently enforced.”

Well, it’s nice that a Republican candidate for president isn’t going to be leading the charge for tax-funded abortions. But that’s something less than a commitment to veto any bill the Democratic Congress sends him that provides taxpayer funding.

Nothing that pro-lifers have enacted into law over the last four decades has done as much to reduce the abortion rate as bans on public funding. So this is an important issue for pro-lifers to watch.


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